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 Guild Quest #1

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PostSubject: Guild Quest #1    Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:09 pm

Hello tamers, since our site has just gotten up, daddy thought we should have an easy Guild Quest to get started with, its reather simple really, here it is

Quest: Data Collector
Client: Guild
Description: since its out first guild quest it will be easy, simply collect 10 beast, dragon or devil data and trade with da- i mean Guild Master
Difficulty: Like a Star @ heaven
Others: being the guild is a little low on stock, only the first three tamers will receive the core, any others will receive 20 M
Reward: Digicore x1 & 20M

have fun on your first quest ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Quest #1    Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:18 pm

challenge accepted Cool
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Guild Quest #1
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